Now | BA Fine Arts, Photography | Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
2018 | Propedeuse Fine Arts, Photography | Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
2017 | BA Corporate Communications | Hogeschool Utrecht
2016 | Minor Fotografie | Fotovakschool Rotterdam
2013 | Pre-university education
Carlinda Boom (1994) is a visual artist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her interest goes to the relationship humans have with animals such as dogs and horses. The bond they develop and them working together is what fascinates her. The type of animals people surround themselves with goes along with the landscape people exist in. In her youth Boom moved a lot which made her see how (the use of) landscape differs even in a small province as South Holland.

From an early age she read books that alter between fantasy and reality. Books that took her to worlds with whales and witches are still on her bookshelf, next to photobooks about undefined gardens and oceans of visual data. Surroundings, memories and the present are something precarious to her and in her work, she tries to grasp at least a bit of this uncertainty.

Next to making visual art and spending time with her horse, Boom likes to study attachment theory. How a child connect with their caregiver(s) is a blueprint for their relationships later in life. In her work she is often observing how she relates with her own surroundings whether it be by moving her body trough a landscape, an observation of her grandmother’s place or intimate portraits of her horse.

Boom works in an intuitive way and makes use of materials taken from her personal context such as dried flowers and horse hairs. She likes to use digital tools as copy machines and AI-networks to explore alternative realities. In presentation, she often uses visual metaphors by combining images. Making work is a way of traveling the space between reality, memory and imagination and the viewer is invited to travel their own inner world.
2020 | 11 - 12 January | Kaapse Kunstroute | Conny Jansen Danst, Rotterdam
2019 | 2 - 6 October | In de Hoogstraat | Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
2019 | 19 April - 19 juni | It wasn't my Idea | Stichting KunstWerkt, Schiedam
2018 | 19 - 28 October | Making (a) public | FotoFestival Schiedam
2018 | Love, Hate & Beyond | Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland
2018 | Queens Univeristy Belfast Reflections Newsletter
2018 | Alphens Nieuwsblad | Sandra is eerste doula in Alphen
2017 | Gouds Dagblad | Koetsieren: vrijheid en plezier
carlinda boom